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Understanding Passport Fees for New Passports


When you get your first passport, you might wonder about the passport fees.  What exactly will you have to pay?  And what exactly are you paying for?

The fees for your new passport will be made up of several different parts:

  • Execution Fee
  • Passport Book Fee
  • Government Fee for Rush Passport
  • G3Passports Service Fee


Execution Fee

One of your first steps in getting a new passport will be to go to a Passport Acceptance Facility to have your application reviewed by a Passport Acceptance Agent.  Your passport application and supporting documents will be sealed into an official envelope that can only be opened by Passport Agency personnel.  This process is known as “executing” the application.  You’ll need to pay a $25 fee for this service, directly to the Passport Acceptance Facility.


Passport Book Fee

The main part of your passport fees is the government fee for your passport book.  For applicants age 16 and over, the US government charges a base fee of $110.  This actually contains two separate fees: $70 for the passport book fee and $40 for the Passport Book Security Surcharge.  This surcharge goes towards all of the enhanced security features that have been added to passports since 2006.  Those extra security features include RFID chips and the shiny polycarbonate coating over your passport information page.


Government Fee for Rush Passport

If you’re getting your passport with, you’re getting your passport in a hurry!  The government charges an extra $60 for all passport books that need to be issued in less than three weeks.  Every service that we offer is a rush service that we hand-carry in to the Passport Agency for quick processing.  This is why the government passport book fee you see listed on our site is $170, because it includes the $60 government rush fee.


G3Passports Service Fee

When you apply through, you’ll have three options for passport processing speed – fast, faster, and fastest!  We call these three speeds Expedited, Priority, and Mission Critical.  The service fees you’ll pay to G3 depend on what processing speed you choose:

  • Expedited Service will have your passport completed in 7-10 business days, and has a service fee of $95.
  • Priority Service will have your passport completed in 4-6 business days, and has a service fee of $185.
  • Mission Critical Service will have your passport completed in no more than 2-3 business days, and has a service fee of $245.

You’ll also need to include a shipping fee in your payment to G3 — this covers the cost of sending your new passport to you via secure Federal Express delivery.


How to Pay Passport Fees

  • Execution Fees are paid at the Passport Acceptance Agent.  Some locations accept credit cards, but most require that you pay by check.
  • Government Fees of $170 are paid by check or money order payable to “US Department of State.”  You’ll need to have this check with you at the Passport Acceptance Agent.  Your check for government passport fees will be sealed in to your official envelope.
  • G3 Service Fees are paid by credit card when you submit your order online.  Easy!