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What is a Passport Acceptance Agent?

Passport Acceptance Agent

If you’re applying for your first passport, replacing a lost or stolen passport, or getting a passport for your young child, you may have noticed the requirement to visit a Passport Acceptance Agent. So what is a Passport Acceptance Agent? What do they do, and where can you find them? Most importantly, how can you prepare for a successful visit to the Passport Acceptance Agent?

What is a Passport Acceptance Agent?

Passport Acceptance Agents are government employees who have taken on additional duties for the US State Department’s Office of Passport Services. They provide basic passport services to US citizens on a local level.

What Do Passport Acceptance Agents Do?

Passport Acceptance Agents play a critical role in the beginning of your passport application process. They provide a service called “execution.” Don’t worry, it’s painless! The Passport Acceptance Agent will look over your passport application and make sure you have all the documents you need. He or she will check your identification and your birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. Then, the Passport Acceptance Agent will administer an oath and ask you to sign your passport application. Your passport application and supporting documents will then be sealed into an official envelope that may only be opened by State Department personnel.

Where Can You Find a Passport Acceptance Agent?

The majority of Passport Acceptance Agents are located in US Post Offices. They are also stationed in some other government facilities, like courthouses, public libraries, or city halls.

To find a convenient location, use the State Department’s Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page. You can search using your zip code or the name of your town. You may want to consider looking for a Passport Acceptance Agent near your office or your child’s school. Some Passport Acceptance Agents require appointments.

Tips for a Successful Visit to the Passport Acceptance Agent

  • Bring all your required documents. Double-check the list provided by! If you are missing a document, you will need to come back at another time.
  • If you are applying for a passport for your child age 15 or younger, both parents need to go to the Passport Acceptance Agent with the child. If only one parent can go, the other parent will need to complete Form DS-3503 and have it notarized.
  • Bring your checkbook. You’ll need to pay a $25 fee to the Passport Acceptance Agent.
  • Tell them you are using a passport expediting service. Don’t let them mail in your sealed envelope! You will need to get your sealed envelope from the Passport Acceptance Agent so you can send it to G3 for rush passport processing.