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Update Your Global Entry With Your Passport Renewal


Frequent travelers love the Global Entry program. If you’re a Global Entry member, you can zip through airport security when you depart and through Customs and Immigration when you return.  But what happens to your Global Entry membership when you renew your passport?  Today, we’ll review the benefits of Global Entry, and show you what you need to do when you renew your passport.


What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is one of the Trusted Traveler programs offered by the US Department of Homeland Security.  Of the four programs, Global Entry is designed for people who travel internationally by air.  Two other programs, NEXUS and SENTRI, are aimed at travelers who regularly drive into Canada and Mexico.  NEXUS and SENTRI also include the full benefits of the Global Entry program.

The Global Entry program is open to US citizens, US Permanent Residents, and citizens of Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and United Kingdom.  To qualify, travelers must fill out a pre-enrollment questionnaire and then appear at a Global Entry Enrollment Center for an interview.  Membership is granted after a background check to ensure the traveler is low-risk and trustworthy.


Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

A Global Entry membership costs $100 for 5 years.  As a Global Entry member, you can use special automated kiosks at many US airports.  These kiosks allow you to scan your own passport and fingerprints.  You can also complete your customs declaration at the kiosk.  The machine will then print out a receipt, and you can go directly to baggage claim and then through Customs.  You’ll be able to skip the long lines for US immigration.

Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck benefits.  TSA PreCheck makes getting through airport security quick and convenient. With TSA PreCheck, you’ll be able to use designated fast-track lanes at airport security.  Even better, you won’t have to take off your shoes, belt, or light jacket when you go through the security screening!  You can also leave your laptop and toiletries in your bag.


How to Update Your Global Entry When You Renew Your Passport

Your US passport is valid for 10 years, and your Global Entry membership is valid for 5 years.  If you have an active Global Entry membership when you renew your passport, you will need to update your Global Entry profile.

You can easily update your profile online on the GOES website. GOES is the Global Online Enrollment System for Trusted Traveler programs.  The GOES website is where you would apply for pre-approval for the program, and it’s also where you can update your information.  When you renew your passport, you can log on and update your passport number and expiration date.  You’ll need to know your GOES user ID and password.  If you’ve forgotten them, a password recovery system is available.

Once you have updated your profile online, you’re all set to travel!  If you would like to get a new Global Entry sticker for your passport, you can do so by stopping by any enrollment center. Most enrollment centers are located at major international airports.


TSA PreCheck and Passport Renewal

Do you have a membership in TSA PreCheck as a stand-alone program? If you do, you don’t need to do anything when your passport is renewed.  Your TSA PreCheck membership isn’t tied to your passport number, so it will continue to be active no matter whether your passport is valid, cancelled, expired, or renewed.