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Can You Renew a Second Valid Passport?

Yes, you can renew your second valid passport

Your second valid passport is an incredibly useful document. It only has one drawback: it has a limited validity. Although regular adult passports — what we in the industry call “primary passports” — are valid for ten years, second valid passports are only valid for four years. They used to only be valid for two! But don’t worry – G3 offers second valid passport renewal service to keep you flying with two valid US passports.

How Do Second Valid Passport Renewals Work?

Renewing your second valid passport is just like getting one for the first time! You will still need to prove that you have an upcoming travel situation that requires you to hold two valid passports.

If you are a frequent traveler who uses your second valid passport all the time, we recommend you renew it when it gets close to having only six months validity remaining.

What Documents Are Needed for Second Valid Passport Renewals?

Visit our Second Valid Passport page for all the details of the documents you’ll need to submit to get a new second valid passport! Here are some of the key items you’ll need to submit:

  • Passport Form DS-82. You’ll be asked about your current passport, so make sure to fill in the details of the second passport you are renewing.
  • Your primary (10 year) passport. Send the actual passport book, not a photocopy. This will be returned with your new second valid passport.
  • Your current second valid passport. This will be marked cancelled and returned to you.
  • One passport-style photograph. This must be a new photo that has never been used in any of your passports.
  • Proof of upcoming travel for which you need two passports. Most of our clients who need second valid passport renewals are people who travel for a living, and need to get a visa for a future trip at the same time they are doing other international travel.

What G3 Service Should You Select?

Ready to apply for your second valid passport renewal? Choose G3’s Second Valid Passport service option. Our second passport service is used both for first-time applicants and for renewals of second valid passports.

Second valid passports aren’t the most common of US passport services, but G3’s team are experts! We’re here to help you get your new second valid passport quickly and easily.