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Checklist: Renew Passport


ALL APPLICANTS FOR PASSPORT RENEWAL must include the following documents in your package:

  • Your current US passport book.
    US Passport Renewal Application FormSubmit the original, not a copy.

    • Your passport must have been issued less than 15 years ago.
    • You must have been at least 16 years old when your passport was issued.
  • US Passport Renewal Form DS-82.
    The application must be created online at then printed and signed with a pen-to-paper signature in black ink. The signature must match the signature in your current passport.
  • One NEW passport-style color photograph.
    • Passport Color PhotographThe photo must be on high-quality photo paper with a white background, taken within the last six months.
    • Must be 2″x2″ with face measuring 1″ to 1 3/8″ from top of head to chin.
    • Photos must be clearly different from photos in any previously issued passports.
    • You must have a neutral expression with closed lips. Your eyes must be open.
    • No glasses, uniforms, or hats are allowed, except for religious headgear. You must include a signed letter explaining that the item is worn daily for religious reasons.
  • Proof of known or anticipated travel plans.
    • Copy of airline reservation showing applicant’s name,
    • Copy of crewmember trip sheet, or
    • A business letter (on company letterhead) stating that a passport is required for travel. This letter must be signed by a representative of the company other than the applicant with an original pen-to-paper signature and must specify the applicant’s departure date(s) and destination(s). A sample is attached.
  • Government Fees. Submit a check or money order payable to “US Department of State.”
    • $170.00 for a passport book only.
    • $200.00 for a passport book and passport card.
  • Letter of Authorization, emailed separately to you after consulting a travel specialist.
    The Letter of Authorization (LOA) allows us to represent you to all agencies involved in issuing your passport. The signature on the LOA must be an original pen-to-paper signature in blue or black ink, and must match the signature on your current passport and your application form. No faxes, scans or copies will be accepted.


There is No Substitute for Experience.

  • All passport requests are processed by knowledgeable, experienced associates.
  • All calls are answered by a well-informed associate.
  • All Personally Identifiable Information is protected with safeguards that exceed State Department standards.
  • All requests receive email confirmation acknowledging receipt.
  • All application documents are thoroughly reviewed when they arrive in our processing center.
  • All requests receive email confirmation of the completion and FedEx tracking information.
  • All passports are returned via the FedEx service of your choice.