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New Adult Passport Questions and Answers


Passport questions?  You’ve come to the right place.  Not only can get you a new passport quickly, but we are here to be a resource of passport information for you.  Today, we’ll answer your questions about new adult passports.  If you don’t see the answer to your question here, ask us in the comments or give us a call at 877-587-7301!


How long will my new passport be valid?

Your new adult passport will be valid for ten years… or technically, ten years minus one day!  If your passport is issued on January 5, 2017, it will expire on January 4, 2027.

Although your passport will be valid for 10 years, we recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to renew it.  Many countries require that you have at least six months validity remaining on your passport, so we suggest you renew your passport at least six months before it expires.


Do I have to submit my birth certificate to get a new passport?

An original copy of your birth certificate showing you were born in the US is a great way to prove your US citizenship when you apply for a new passport.  But there are other documents you can submit instead, such as your naturalization certificate or an old US passport.  Check out our article on proof of citizenship for more options and information.


Will I get my birth certificate back?

You might be worried about sending out your original birth certificate or naturalization certificate.  It is a valuable document!  But you will get it back when your new passport is issued.  One of the advantages of applying through G3Passports is that your original proof of citizenship will be sent back in the same FedEx package as your new passport.  If you apply for your passport directly through the Department of State, they mail back your birth certificate in a separate First Class envelope. You may need to wait a week or more for your proof of citizenship to show up!


What form is used to apply for a new passport?

You will use government form DS-11 to apply for your new passport.  This form is used for first-time applicants, minor applicants, and replacements of lost or stolen passports.  When you apply for expedited services through G3, you’ll need to fill out your DS-11 form online and print it out.  Check out our article to find out what information you’ll need to complete your application!


How can I get an appointment at a Passport Acceptance Facility?

Before you send your passport application to G3, you’ll need to go to a passport acceptance facility to have your new passport application sealed into an official envelope.  You can find locations near you at  This site will tell you whether the location you want to visit requires appointments.  If an appointment is needed, just call the phone number provided to schedule your visit.

Not all facilities require appointments.  In our experience, many acceptance facilities in government offices like Clerk of the Court offices provide walk-in service.  Most acceptance facilities in Post Offices do require appointments.


How quickly can I get a new passport?

With, you can get a new passport in as little as two business days with our Mission Critical service!


Do you have any other passport questions?  Ask us below!