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What to Do About a Lost Second Valid Passport

Don’t worry about your lost second valid passport – G3 can help.

Don’t waste time worrying and fretting about a lost second valid passport. We know that you need to replace your second valid passport quickly, so you can keep up with your busy travel schedule. G3Passports is here to help! Today, we’ll look at what to do if you have lost your second valid passport.

The First Thing to Do If You Have Lost Your Second Valid Passport

The very first thing you should do in a lost second valid passport situation is to make sure that your passport truly is lost! Oftentimes, passports get misplaced at home. If you know that your second valid passport made it home with you, do a very thorough search before you give up hope. Check your bags, the pockets of your clothes, your filing cabinet. Search your car, your junk drawer, under your bed, in your bathroom. Look everywhere! If your passport went missing while you were traveling, start making phone calls. Call the hotels you stayed in, the airports you transited through, the cab companies or Uber drivers you used, and see if anyone has found your passport.

It’s very important to go through these steps before you initiate the process of replacing your lost second valid passport. Once you report your passport lost or stolen to the US State Department, your passport will be cancelled. That means that if you find your second valid passport in the inside pocket of your rain jacket the day after you report it lost, it’s too late. Your passport is no longer valid for travel, and you’ll still have to replace it!

G3 Can Help You Replace Your Lost Second Valid Passport

Once you’ve determined that your second valid passport is gone for good, call G3 for help! We can help you replace your lost or stolen second valid passport very quickly. Because this is a special service, we recommend you call us first before placing your order.

Replacing a lost second valid passport is very much like the procedure to replace a lost primary passport. You will need to complete the application form for a new passport, DS-11. On that application, you will be asked about your most recent passport. You’ll need to include the details of your lost or stolen second valid passport. You’ll also explain the circumstances in which it was lost.

You will need to appear at a Passport Acceptance Facility to have your identity and citizenship verified. You don’t necessarily need to dig out your birth certificate, though — your primary passport can be used to prove your US citizenship!

In addition to the standard requirements to replace a lost passport, you will also need to submit documentation showing why you need to have a new second valid passport issued. For example, you can submit a letter and flight itineraries showing that you need to get a visa for an upcoming trip, but you have other international travel in the meantime.

When you go to the Passport Acceptance Facility, let them know you are using G3 to expedite your passport. They will give you your application back in a sealed envelope. Send that envelope to us right away, using the FedEx airbill we provide. Once we get your package, we can have your new secondary passport issued in as little as two business days! You’ll be back in the air in no time.