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Child Passport Replacement – What to Do if a Passport is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

G3 makes child passport replacement fast and painless!

There are a lot of reasons you might find yourself in need of child passport replacement service. Your toddler might have found a pen and turned her passport into a coloring book. Your 14 year old might have left his passport in the pocket of the filthy jeans you hurriedly threw in the washing machine. Or perhaps your kid’s passport is just plain nowhere to be found! If your child’s passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you will need to replace it. G3 is here to help with an expedited child passport replacement!

Child Passport Replacement – Which Service Should You Choose?

Children age 15 and younger are issued minor passports, valid for 5 years. Once your child turns 16, she is eligible for an adult passport valid for 10 years. When you replace a minor passport that has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, the type of passport your child will be issued will be determined by how old she is when you apply for the replacement.

If you need to replace the passport of a child age 15 or younger, please choose our minor passport service.

If your child is now age 16 or older, select the appropriate replacement service: lost passport, stolen passport, or mutilated passport replacement.

Passport Applications for Child Passport Replacement

You’ll need to prepare passport application form DS-11 to replace your child’s mutilated, stolen, or lost passport. On this application, you’ll be asked for details of your child’s most recently issued passport. If the passport is lost or stolen, and you don’t have the passport number, you can fill in “000000000” as the passport number, and provide your best guess at the issue and expiration date. But it’s best if you can provide the exact details of the missing passport. (This is why we always urge you to keep photocopies of your passports!)

Do not sign Form DS-11 until you get to the Passport Acceptance Agent!

In order to replace a lost or stolen passport, you’ll also need to submit Form DS-64. This form is an official statement on how the passport went missing. It will automatically be generated when you fill out the online passport application form.

If you are doing a child passport replacement because your child’s passport is badly damaged, you will need to write a statement explaining how the passport was damaged. This letter should be signed by the parents. Older children may also sign the statement, in addition to their parents.

What If the Whole Family Needs Replacement Passports?

We hope you never find yourself in this situation! But if you find yourself the victim of a fire, flood, or theft, you might need to replace everyone’s passport at once.

You can place multiple orders with, so we can help you get your new passports quickly. You will need to place a separate order for each person in your family.

When you go to the Passport Acceptance Facility, let the agent know that you will be using a passport expediting service. Make sure they seal everyone’s applications into separate envelopes, one for each member of your family.

If you have more questions, just let us know! We are here to help.